Ascend Cannabis Oil Review

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August 7, 2019

Ascend Cannabis Oil Review

Ascend Cannabis Oil Review
June 20, 2019 by smokin
Cannabis oil takes science and craft to create the perfect distillate. At Ascend Cannabis, science and craft come together to create an experience like none other. Jesse Grove with the Dope Directory stopped by the Smokin Gun and picked up a few experience cartridges. He then proceeded to go home and enjoy his new found prizes. First, what are experience cartridges?

Ascend High Terpene Extract
The secret in the sauce. Their High Terpene Extract (HTE) is the result of our innovative approach to capturing a wider breadth of flavor, aroma and cannabinoids for a true-to-the-plant experience. In fact there are no solvents, waxes, fats or other undesirables, just premium cannabis oil.

HTE carts offer all the flavor and potency of a dab, on-the-go. Their newly engineered smart cart optimizes vapor production to deliver big, beautiful hits that pack a punch. Experience the Ascend difference, their Water Clear cannabis terpenes make their HTE carts the truest representation of your favorite strains.

Jesse’s Experience
“If you haven’t had a chance to sample anything from Ascend Cannabis before, I can personally vouch for the purity, potency, and all-around quality represented by these fine oils. Their cartridges have quickly raised up on my list to become one of my absolute favorites. They’ve proved superior understanding in terpene balance better than the majority of other extraction companies out there nowadays. With their refined CO2 extraction methods, they’ve tactfully entered the new age of designer cannabis oils. With award-winning products coming out of their lab such as CBD Diamonds I can only wait to see what amazing revolutionary product Ascend will come up with next.” – Jesse Grove

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