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Cousin Eddie Cannabis Review – Dope Directory

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August 7, 2019

Cousin Eddie Cannabis Review – Dope Directory

March 5, 2019 by smokin
Recently Jesse Grove stopped by the Smokin Gun and grabbed himself some Cousin Eddie’s Baked Goods – peanut butter cookies, cinnamon cookies and super moist brownies. After a period of 3 days, Jesse tackled each flavor. “Cousin Eddie Cannabis Co has a flavor to suit all your desires and the potency to satisfy all,” says Jesse. Each Cousin Eddie baked good comes with 10, 10 mg cookies or brownies, making 300 mg THC for $62 ($43.40 for locals) a great deal!

Peanut Butter Cookies
Who doesn’t love peanut butter cookies (besides having a peanut allergy)? Jesse’s journey begins, “I started by popping the top on the tube. The initial aroma released was that of sweet butter mixed with a hint of peanut and a hint of cannabis.” A strong cannabis for some assures the consumer that indeed there’s THC in each individual cookie. The flavor wont disappoint either. Jesse explains, “The initial flavor of the peanut butter melted beautifully with a slight hint of cannabis and finished with an extremely buttery, rich flavor that seemed to coat my entire mouth.”

Cinnamon Cookies
I have a personal affinity for snicker-doodle style cookies. The smell of butter, cinnamon and sugar mixed altogether reminds me of my childhood. I remember grandma baking her delicious cookies on cold winter days. Cousin Eddie’s cinnamon cookies are more crisp than the peanut butter cookies. Jesse explains, “This time when I buried my nose into the jar, I didn’t detect any initial cannabis smell. All I was smelling was sweet sugar and cinnamon.” Unlike the peanut butter cookies, the cinnamon variety are ideal for those who don’t rely on a strong cannabis flavor. “I would have assumed from the flavor profile that cinnamon would not have been nearly as good at covering up the cannabis flavor as peanut butter or chocolate but much to my surprise I wasn’t even able to tell these were marijuana edibles until after I had eaten both cookies and noticed a slight lingering flavor in my mouth.”

Chocolate Brownies

“The consistency on these little guys is amazing. I tore one apart in my fingers and was extremely impressed by how moist and flakey these little brownies are.” Brownies are best when super moist and decadent. Jesse continues, “That being said, as soon as I did rip one open an extremely potent cannabis aroma escaped…This tastes like some old school hash brownies that I’d had back in the day.” Jesse warns that those who find the cannabis flavor distasteful, these may not be for you. For some, the cannabis flavor mixed with the dark chocolate is a stoner’s dream. “For me, this is quite a pleasant experience since this flavor profile is what I’ve come to love about marijuana edibles over the years.”

To read Jesse’s full review, click here.

Cousin Eddie’s Baked Goods are available now at the Smokin Gun!


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