Service Is the Key to Customer Care: 4 Experts Share Their Top Tips
Service Is the Key to Customer Care: 4 Experts Share Their Top Tips

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December 22, 2019

Service Is the Key to Customer Care: 4 Experts Share Their Top Tips

From dealing with difficult customers to attracting and retaining new ones, your level of customer care is a crucial component of your shop’s success. Here, 4 experts share their tips on staffing, avoiding social media snafus, and more.

How do demographics play into the customer experience?

With cannabis legal in most states, most shops are now seeing customers from all around the world who belong to all different age groups and genders. And, I am happy to say, the stoner stereotype has officially been tossed out the window. Baby Boomers are starting to embrace cannabis, so they will have more questions and issues. Now that it’s not being as demonized in the media, they can see it for what it is: medicine. Millennials are a lucky group to have grown up in a time period where cannabis is sold legally, so they get the benefit of always having had access to the plant, which means they most likely will be savvier.

Regardless of age, the best policy with everyone is to be honest. When a customer isn’t pleased with a purchase, a simple “we understand some cartridges leak” or “occasionally, batteries don’t work” can do wonders. At the end of the day, you should always make it right no matter what the problem is. Always do what is needed to fix the situation. The number one goal when it comes to customer relations is to go above and beyond for all your patrons. —Dee Azure, operations manager, Smokin Gun Apothecary

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