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Service Is the Key to Customer Care: 4 Experts Share Their Top Tips

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December 22, 2019

Service Is the Key to Customer Care: 4 Experts Share Their Top Tips

From dealing with difficult customers to attracting and retaining new ones, your level of customer care is a crucial component of your shop’s success. Regardless of age, the best policy with everyone is to be honest. The number one goal when it comes to customer relations is to go above and beyond for all your patrons. —Dee Azure, operations manager, Smokin Gun Apothecary

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About right
April 19, 2019

A late-night dispensary offering entrance to a strip club? Only in Glendale.

Business-friendly Glendale packs eight dispensaries into its 365 acres, and the enclave’s laissez-faire approach to regulation allows Smokin Gun Apothecary to thrive as one of the state’s most audacious cannabis businesses. Owned and operated by power-player Deborah Dunafon, the store is about 100 feet away from strip club Shotgun Willie’s … which is also owned by Dunafon. […]

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Smoking Gun Joints Blunts and Cannagars
August 12, 2019

Joints, Blunts and Cannagars with Jesse Grove

Jesse Grove with Dope Directory knows his dope. After all, he’s been an avid toker since before legalization. Recently he …

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Dab daze
August 7, 2019

710 Dab Daze Concentrates

Why do people use concentrates? Because they like it. Let’s not forget the health benefits of vaping over traditionally smoking …

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From dealing with difficult customers to...

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The cannabist

October 11, 2014 by smokin Inside...

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